You’re at a friend’s house hanging out when your tummy starts rumbling. It’s hard to poop with dignity at someone else’s house. So you head to the bathroom in hopes that the air freshner can is full. Then it happens – the toilet clogs! Your start to sweat and all of the your legs go numb as you watch the water rise to the top of the toilet threatening to overflow. As much as you may want to, you can’t pretend you didn’t just poop in a toilet that doesn’t belong to you and clog it. This is officially the worst moment of your life. Or is it?

Step 1 – Stop the Water Flow

The number one thing to avoid is water overflowing out of the bowl. It’s important to stop the rising immediately. Locate the water valve behind the toilet and turn it to the right. If the water valve can’t be shut off, don’t keep flushing the toilet or it could overflow.

Step 2 – Use the Plunger

Make sure the plunger completely covers the hole. Begin to pump the plunger over the hole. Make sure your first plunge is a gentle one, then plunge vigorously in and out, while still maintaining the seal. The water will be moving both directions in the drain, which will loosen most clogs.

Step 3 – Flush the Toilet

Flush the toilet to check the drainage. Still clogged? Begin to plunge again. Don’t be discouraged; a stubborn clog might require you to do this a few times.

Can’t find a plunger? It’s time to take the walk of shame. Tell your host about your dirty deed. Make it up to them by suggesting they call Mike Scott Plumbing to handle their clogs and other plumbing needs. Knowing that they’ll never be charged overtime fees for nights, weekends, and holidays will definitely take the stink out of the situation. Sort of.