Put your message ON a bottle

If you’re not using private labeled bottled water to promote your business, you’re leaving your audience thirsty for more. Most marketing items go from the tradeshow table, to the event bag, to the garbage bag. A custom label water bottle stays in your customer’s hand all day for all to see. MSPH2O puts you in control of a valuable marketing asset. You design the labels, you distribute the water, at whatever location serves you best.

It’s not just refreshing, it’s marketing!

Marketing is a crucial aspect every business needs to spread brand awareness. Good marketing helps you stand out from your competitors and creates an impact on your audience to keep you top of mind when they need services like yours. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 42% of recipients of advertising specialties have a more favorable impression of the advertiser.
  • 84% of recipients of advertising specialties can identify the advertiser.
  • 62% of recipients did business with the advertiser after receiving an item.
  • 81% of recipients of advertising specialties keep items that are useful.

Using promotional items bring your cost-per-impression down, the multiple uses/impressions will help your company name stay with your target audience.

In today’s connected world, everyone is avoiding ads to keep the flow in their busy day. So how do you cut through the noise? The key here is to utilize products that are useful.

Why MSPH2O Private Label bottled water?

Quality Marketing

Bottled water is the number one beverage product in the US for the second year running according to the International Bottled Water Association, with Private Label bottled water holding the lion’s share of the market in sales. At 22% market share, Private Label bottled water surpasses the second place brand by more than double.

Quality Product

Reverse Osmosis Purification

Purification process utilizing a membrane, which allows only water to pass through. Holds back and cleans water of inorganic compounds such as minerals/salts, antimony, arsenic, asbestos, barium, beryllium, cadmium, chromium, copper, fluoride, mercury, nickel, nitrates/nitrites, selenium, sulfate and thallium.

Quality Design

At MSPH2O, we put as much emphasis on design as we do on taste. We use only the highest quality bottles and caps, offering bottle options in both clear and blue. Our fully submersible, never peal labels are 1 mill lamination labels, never paper. Who says nothing is free? Our talented design team is on standby to help you create a label design perfect for your brand, and we won’t charge you any extra.

But wait, there’s more….

Private label bottled water isn’t just for business anymore. The host with the most knows that when it comes to planning a memorable event, the dazzle is in the details. Personalize your event table with a custom label to match your decor at your wedding, party, or private event.

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