It’s almost 2021, so there’s still time to eat a few last donuts before tackling your list of resolutions for the coming year. We hope that 2021 brings a wealth of strength, health, and increased vitality…. for your plumbing system. We hope you make it to the gym for a few weeks too.

Here are a list of plumbing resolutions we hope you add to your list:

  • I Will Not Treat My Toilet Like A Trash Can
  • I Will Purchase Energy Saving Appliances
  • I Will Avoid Long Showers
  • I Will Not Continuously Run the Water When Brushing My Teeth
  • I Will Not Continuously Run the Water When Washing My Hands
  • I Will Only Run the Dish Washer When It’s Filled to Capacity
  • I Will Locate My Home’s Water Shut Off Valve and Know How to Use It
  • I Will Water My Lawn Responsibly
  • I Will Use Hair Traps In My Shower Drains
  • I Will Call Mike Scott Plumbing at 866-314-4443 for Any Plumbing Issues or Emergencies